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GeeCom provides a platform for Sellers and Buyers to make transaction where Seller can sell and Buyer can choose Seller to buy the products. In this transaction, to ensure the benefits of both the parties GeeCom offers different delivery options and payment methods to Sellers, Buyers and Delivery Person/Partner.

Payments can be made through 
1)    Digital medium – UPI, Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, or the best possible legally permitted medium available during the transaction
2)    Cash on Delivery (COD)

A.    In some cases payment needs to be made in parts at various stages of transactions, for example: advance at booking, at packing, at loading, at dispatch, at delivery or after lab report/quality check. 
B.    Deductions might apply based on the lab results/report or quality check report.

In case of cancellation or return the payment/refund would be made as per terms & conditions. Please read terms & conditions, cancellation & return policy and all other policy documents before making a transaction.

All refunds of the applicable funds will be made:
1.    After adjusting all the applicable deductions, cancellation fee, penalties, loss, damages and all the applicable charges incurred during the transaction and payment.
2.    Primarily same mode of payment will be used for refund which was made during the transaction/payment. Exceptions can be made on the case to case basis.
3.    Refund will be made within 15 working day after the approval of refund from all applicable parties involved in the transaction
4.    Refund may also be in the form of Coupon Code or Credit to the User’s account in the platform

Refund and Payment in Cash (COD) transactions:
1.    For transactions where COD option has been chosen; payments shall be made directly from the Buyer to the Seller upon receiving of the product. It is Seller’s responsibility to ensure the delivery of products within stipulated time frame and ensure the quality and quantity of the product and receive the payment from buyer. 

2.    It is buyer’s/seller’s responsibility to pay timely to the delivery partner/person OR GeeCom depending on the delivery option chosen for a transaction. Such payments should be made immediately after the transaction.

3.    Refund does not apply in Cash (COD) transactions.

Same terms & conditions and all the policies are also applicable when an offline transaction has been made with the help of GeeCom India Team. Please refer terms & conditions and all the policy documents separately uploaded along with this policy document.

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Last Updated: 14th December 2020