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GeeCom India facilitates its Users to make transactions on its Platforms. It is expected from Sellers and Buyers to make conscious decisions before proceeding to make any transaction. GeeCom India will charge agreed service fees on all the transactions other than applicable taxes on products/transaction. The total order amount will include all applicable taxes and our ‘Online Platforms’ fees.

GeeCom India plays its role as a medium between Sellers and Buyers, where both can get benefitted in the form of good quality products/services and financial transaction.

User can anytime withdraw the amount from their account in our ‘Online Platforms’ to their respective bank account. The transfer period depend on the respective bank involve in the transaction.

Our ‘Online Platforms’ does not play any role in fixing the price of any product. The product price displayed totally depends on the buyers and sellers. 

All the applicable taxes on products are as per the local laws. Our ‘Online Platforms’ do not hold the right to modify or change the taxes applicable as per local law and Government of India.

GeeCom India makes sincere efforts to pay applicable dues to our user/buyer/seller within 15 working days of the completion of the transaction. In most of the cases we pay on the same day or within couple of day of completion of the transaction. 

As a part of transaction if a user/buyer/seller owes to GeeCom India then it’s their responsibility to pay and clear their dues immediately, maximum within 7 days.

Same terms & conditions and all the policies are also applicable when an offline transaction has been made with the help of GeeCom India Team. Please refer terms & conditions and all the policy documents separately uploaded along with this policy document.

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GeeCom India Services Private Limited
Last Updated: 14th December 2020